Acrylic, or PMMA, commonly know as plexiglass, is a versatile plastic used in a wide range of applications. This opaque gray synthetic resin can easily be. Acrylic sheet is 17 times stronger than glass, has excellent clarity, durability, & is lightweight. Buy 3mm thick grey plastic sheets online, high quality perspex acrylic sheets, either laser cut to size or from our in-stock range. Sheet Plastics range of coloured acrylic sheets is a premium plastic sheet that comes in a range of size and thicknesses. Our range of acrylic sheets are. Choose from full sheet sizes or pre-cut sizes. Cut-to-size sheets are also available at an extra cost. Looking for a custom quote? Contact us via our order form.

Acrylic (Plexiglass) Sheet Stocking clear Polycarbonate sheet in ″ to ″ as well as 1/8″ & 1/4″ in Abrasion Resistant, Sun-Life, Black, White, Grey. Sheets of 3mm Grey Cast Acrylic. Available in various sizes – Router/ Laser Cut Suitable. Router/ Laser Cut Suitable; Easy to Machine. Our Light Grey Transparent Cast Acrylic is a light see-through grey. This Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet is perfect for creative projects, home design, crafts. light gray soft grey matte cast acrylic sheet laser safe. 1/8" Matte Soft Gray Cast Acrylic Sheet In. ACRYLIC SHEET, GRAY, DARK TINT (#) · Min Plastics & Supply, Inc. | Plastic Sheet Distributor | Custom Fabrication. Tinted cast acrylic sheet with excellent optical clarity suitable for boat window and port hole glazing. Available in bronze and blue/grey. This material is excellent to use in place of glass, where breakage is a threat to safety. Sheets are UV stabilized. Gray is dark tinted and provides a see. 3mm Plaskolite Grey Smoke Mirror Acrylic Sheet · Plaskolite branded extruded mirrored acrylic is a highly reflective mirror on one side only with a grey. Australia's widest range of cut to size grey tint acrylic sheet available at the click of a button, delivered to your door. OVERVIEW of Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic Sheets - CAST. CAST Acrylic Sheets -are offered in Clear, Black, White, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and more. Ten times stronger than glass, our grey acrylic sheets are shattering resistant, as well as long-lasting making them ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor.

Grey Perspex Acrylic Cast Sheet available cut to size with fast delivery, get instant prices and buy online now with Plastic Stockist. 1/8" (") Solid Grey Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet 12"x12" Cast 3mm Thick AZM. Amazon's Choice Amazon's Choice highlights highly rated, well-priced products. Grey Smoked Transparent Plexiglass # is a versatile colored plastic material that has great impact strength yet is light weight. With transparent colored. With a variety of available color choices, OPTIX continuously processed, high quality acrylic sheet delivers impact- and weather-resistance. High molecular. Grey plexiglass (acrylic) is a versatile colored plastic material that has great impact strength yet is light weight. Plexiglass (acrylic) can be used. E&T Plastics has been a leader in Plastic Distribution and Manufacturing since We have a variety of Acrylic Sheet, Polycarbonate, PVC and other. These dark grey opaque acrylic sheets are easy to saw or laser cut, drill, polish, heat bend, and route. We have acrylic glass available in full sheet sizes. Stiff and durable, they're lightweight and easy to cut — ideal for use in crafts, maker projects or interior decorating. Clear acrylic sheets are lightweight. Tinted cast acrylic sheet with excellent optical clarity suitable for boat window and port hole glazing. Available in bronze and grey tints in various.

Falken Design Acrylic glass (Plexiglass) has many beneficial characteristics like a glossy surface, weather resistance, sturdiness, durability, light weight. Storm Grey ColorHues Acrylic Sheet, Discount Eligibility. Our Storm Grey Acrylic Sheet is a solid ocean storm grey that is matte on one side and glossy on. We offer an extensive selection of our exclusive Spectra Glass, extruded plexiglass acrylic sheets, in both standard and custom sizes. Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet, 1/8" Thick, Size. Sponsored. $ current price $ Buy Orange Transparent Fluorescent Colored Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet, 1/8. Grey, Green, Orange, Bronze, Related Articles. What Is Cast Acrylic · Best Uses for Acrylic Sheet · Types of Acrylic Plastic Sheet.

grey, smoked gray, and colors but our specialty is the finest clear acrylic sheet. We have Extruded acrylic sheet and cast acrylic sheet in stock. If it's. We offer a variety of full size extruded and cast acrylic sheets plus common blank sizes for small laser systems and maker / DIY / craft projects. Cast Acrylic sheets and Perspex panels do not discolour and have excellent resistance to bad weather, Smoked Tinted Transparent Gray , Perfect for any. 1/4" Thick Grey Plexiglass Sheet - plasticssource. transparent grey acrylic sheet. colorcolor:Grey. color referencecolor reference:7C GT. light transmissionlight transmission:Transparent | 8%. surfacesurface. With a high resistance to UV rays and external agents, Green Cast acrylic is easy to glue, bend, mill, laser cut and thermoform. Typical applications include. Sheet Abrasion Resistant Bullet Resistant Nylon Rod Nylon Sheet Polypropylene Sheet PVC Sheet Grey Polycarbonate Lexan Sheet PVC Sheet Clear Outdoor Wood.

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